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Quest for the Most Inspiring Photo Albums on Google+ 

Below is the most inspiring photo albums I have found on Google Plus.
Please let me( +Alireza Yavari) know if you have any other great photo albums to recommend. I will update the list regularly.


The Counter-Earth +Trey Ratcliff
Photography +Lisa Bettany
Wallpaper +Patrick Smith
Work +Beau Kahler
Eye of the Beast +Carl Stovell
Streets of Oslo +Trond Lindholm
Street Portraits of Strangers +Dariusz Majgier
Street Photography +Felipe Apostol
THE HANOI CHAPTER +Michiel de Lange
Moments of Truth Alan Shapiro
Photos from Posts +Neal Urban
People +Victor Bezrukov
Pic Picks Over The Years +Brian Matiash
Favorite Shots +David La Spina
EFIAP Gallery +John Powell EFIAP DPAGB
Waiting For Haiti +Robert Larson
People I Have Met +Mike Shaw
New York City Photography +Vivienne Gucwa
Some of My Faves +helen sotiriadis
All Underwater +Elena Kalis