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Recommended Users Spotlight: Cliff Roth

Before  We Get Started...

Hello Recommended Users community, I'm +Ryan Crowe. Before I introduce you to +Cliff Roth, I'd like to make some comments about the purpose behind what we hope is a long and useful series of posts that we call the Recommended Users Spotlight series.

Recently, +Alireza Yavari  (founder of Recommended Users) ran a survey on G+ in order to find who the G+ users who interacted with that survey thought were the users who posted the "most interesting and valuable content on Google Plus". The results were posted and while helpful to many, some remarked that the users who populated that list were already well-known. There came the suggestion that Alireza run a survey in order to find users who were not as well Followed - but who were still posting incredibly interesting and valuable content. As of the time this post is being written - that follow-up survey is currently being implemented.

The Spotlight series is being written in order to act as a sort of on-going supplement to that follow-up survey. The way that I am approaching the writing of this series is by going out into the G+ community and finding users who I believe are contributing "interesting and valuable" content and introducing them to the community. It's a pretty simple idea and action - one that I believe is important. Clearly, I won't be able to highlight every "interesting/valuable" content producing user on Google+ in a weekly blog series - and what I consider "interesting and valuable" will not resonate the same in every user. So, please, endeavor to find users on your own and spotlight them. Share their work. +1. Support and encourage them to continue. Without further ado:

+Cliff Roth (artist)

Cliff is a visual artist. He says of himself that he is "an artist with a focus on digital painting, though I also work in graphite, charcoal and colored pencil. Occasionally I dabble in traditional paints/sculpture and any other media I can get my hands on."

Cliff's "shtick" is that he did 30 minute speedpaint portraits and allowed people to watch their portrait being digitally painted live in Hangouts.  I was lucky enough to find Cliff early one morning, around 4:30am, in a Hangout by himself. I had seen some of his amazing Hangout portraits and wanted one of my own. Watching Cliff's artistic talent manifest itself on my screen was truly one of the more incredible experiences I have had on Google+. In mere minutes I saw my face forming, my eyes appear, my goofy smirk... my pathetic chin stubble.

While Cliff was turning me into a digital painting, I delved deep into his G+ photo library and was surprised to find some of my favorite celebrities and even other familiar G+ faces staring back at me. The startling amount of detail put into these pieces that were done in a mere 30 minutes is fantastic - true talent...

...and he does it for free and for fun!

Cliff has other projects that he is working on in addition to the Speedpaint Hangouts:

One is on FB which entails Speedpainting Pets that were rescued from shelters. Which was inspired by a friends post. He is eventuallly going to self-publish a book with each animal's story as well as the painting - the project is currently in early development.
Another is an artbook Hellhippo and Other Denizens of the Dark Dimensions it will be filled with paintings of animals that are typically cute and cuddly only his will be "decidedly darker".
He is also working on a children's book A Valentine for Santa that he wrote several years ago but has been shelved for editing/illustrating. He plans on revisiting this project in the not too distant future.


Cliff's speedpaint of me:

Do you know someone who deserves to be in the Spotlight?

Please let us know if you have someone you think should be featured in the Recommended Users Spotlight Series! Contact +Ryan Crowe. In your message - please include an introduction to your recommended user (please do not nominate yourself) and detail what they contribute to the G+ community. 

Ryan Crowe is the man formerly behind GPlusTips and co-founder of - a site dedicated to examining culture and social interaction on Google+ that will be launching soon. He also was featured in our"People's Choice" circle . Ryan also contributes to, and



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